Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smiling Simply

Smile is a good thing. When you smile the following happens (among many other things):

Makes people WONDER (now what could that be)

People think you are intelligent (which may be true)

People think you are an imbecile (who isn’t at some point of time)

People think you are happy (which you should be)

People think why you are happy (if you do not know the answer then please don’t tell them)

People think you know the answer (please don’t open your mouth and prove them wrong)

People think you are successful (hopefully you are in your perception)

People think you have a secret (we all do), which they wish to know

People think you are out of your mind (better there than anywhere else)

People think you think that they think that you think that they think that you think… (and it goes on and on and on and on… )

Makes people SMILE

The first and the last of the above list are all that really matters. So next time when you cross someone either known or unknown simply smile and see the world turn a shade brighter as another smile joins yours. Let’s all spread the light of smile and make our world a big happy smiling place to be.

Moral: If your face must have an expression then let it be a SMILE. It doesn’t cost anything and it suits your face the best… believe me, it really does.

Happy Smiling

1 comment:

  1. I love to smile and you taught me to smile my biggest brightest smile of all times.