Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am not sure if I am turning into a poet in the last few months since I haven't been able to go to the mountains and it is often said that poetry flows out of a bereaved heart. My blog might now be looking less like an extreme adventure travel and climbing blog but let me assure all of you that more nail biting edge of the seat stories are coming up soon. Meanwhile another rendering of the heart. This one was provoked but not caused by a line that a friend of mine said to me just a day before while we were discussing the friends in our respective lives. It triggered these thoughts and I took out the words from the world around. I have written these thoughts but I am sure it belongs to each one of you, it tells your story too. Somewhere, some time, someone you really loved and cared for did go away. So here's to all of you and to all of us:

Why do you hide
When I wish to find
Why do you run
When I wish to bind

Why do you stop
When I wish to play
Why do you cry
When I want you gay

Why do you melt
When I wish to hold
Why do you meek
When I want you bold

Why do you close
When I wish to seek
Why do you laugh
When I am bleak

Why go far
When I want you close
Why not sing
When great wind blows

Why can’t we be friends
When love is gone
Why can’t we be together
When our heart’s don’t belong

Must you hurt
When I am hurting too
Must your eyes moisten
When mine are smarting too

Why do people come
And people go away
Why those who matter
Don’t ever stay


  1. cos
    When they are near
    We fail to say
    What they mean
    Till they are too far away:))

    I enjoy your simple straight from the guts writing

    Wax on

  2. Why do you disappear
    When my heart wants you near

    Why do you want us to live in a matrix world
    When we can create our own world

    Why do you not see
    When one goes the other mellows
    Why fly when together we belong...