Thursday, July 29, 2010

Humor in Uniform - Now that I am out of it!

I have now retired from the Defence Forces and that allows me the liberty to take potshots at my previous service, though I always viewed life through the utmost magnifying glass called ‘humor’. Recently I came across the following lines, summing up the motto of the Indian Armed Forces (with all pun and fun intended) and I realized that we could apply it to almost any profession that pays. For that reason mountaineers don’t qualify. With all due respect to the Armed Forces of this world, India in particular and to all other professions that pay, here are the lines in Hindi followed by transliteration in English for my international readers. Read on and enjoy: -

Fauj Ka Usool

bane raho paglay, kam karenge agle,
bane raho lull, tankhwa paao full,
kam se daro nahin, kam ko karo nahin,
kam mat karo, kam ki fiqr karo and fiqr ka zikr karo,
kam karoge to kam milega,
kam nahin karoge to sirf tankhwa milegi,
kam tum nahin karoge to koi aur karega,
aur trust me tumse acha karega

English version

Motto of the Armed Forces

Stick around you insane, leave the work to others
Remain a duffer, get paid in full
Don’t be scared of work, don’t do the work
Don’t work, worry about the work and mention that you worry about the work
If you work, you will get more work
If you don’t work, then you will only get paid
If you don’t do the work, someone else will do it
And trust me he will do it better than you


  1. This one's a laugh for sure, with due respect to the armed forces too!
    Your transliteration's perfect too, Satya.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha................
    I had a good laugh today reading it and thanx for the same. Keep posting more of these as the humor makes my day.................

  3. G8 to know "fauj ka usool " vierdo i was around the job now know how t go about it ....