Sunday, December 19, 2010

Camp Sarara

Just today I returned from Camp Sarara in the Mathew Ranges, the only eco-lodge within the vast 850,000 acres Namunyak Conservancy Trust. It is managed by Piers and Hillary Bastard along with the son Jeremy. I am not going to write my post on Sarara as of now since that will be akin to riding a time machine and fast forwarding my entire Kenyan safari as I have so many more experiences to share that happened before Sarara. While departing from the lodge when Hillary handed me over the visitor’s book, the following rhyme came to my mind out of the neighboring hills and I jotted it down in the book. It might sound and seem incredibly silly but I thought that to pay my immediate tribute to this wonderful piece of paradise on earth and to acknowledge the grace, charm and hospitality of Hillary, Pierce and Jeremy I must at least post this poem that in its simplicity depicts what Sarara experience is all about. It is a place like none other I have visited before. Here’s to you the trio of PHJ; with much respect and admiration for what you are and what you stand for. Such generosity and kindness can never be reciprocated in equal measure. They are to be accepted with humility and treasured cherished for life A big thank you!

From Sahara through Mara
I come to Sarara

A paradise of love and care
Million moments of joy with elephants to share

Nurtured by Piers and Hillary
With lot of energy from Jeremy

Hyrax drop from tree
Hornbills shriek in glee

Buffalos and leopards play
Where monkeys are always gay

Samburu songs fill up the wells
Cows nod and dance with bells

I have seen the world and the 7 sea
But it’s Sarara where my heart will always be


  1. this is a beautiful tribute, my friend and i simply do love your impromptu rhymes ;-)

    hee hee, think the himalaya's won't be very happy with your ending to this wonderful tribute.
    hope to visit camp sarara some day too. all the best to the trio.

  2. I don't ever know about it. But now want to try...