Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Living Loving Life

This is a request post. I had no intentions of putting this up, since what follows was written to a friend in a mail about which I had literally forgotten. But today the friend requested that I should put this up as a post. And as you know, I cannot refuse a friend. So here it is, for this friend, and for my all other friends and to everyone who would pass by. Love it, live it, there's no other way of living the journey called 'Life'.

No one procreates because the life created will die one day, yet it will

No one begins a journey because it will end one day, yet it will

No farmer sows his field because his crops will be cut one day, yet it will

No gardener grows flower because it will wilt one day, yet it will

No one adores the youth because it will age one day, yet it will

No one loves because the love will be lost one day, yet it will

No one plays a game because you will lose, yet sometimes you will

The spring comes each year, knowing full well that whatever it created
and nourished will wilt in autumn and winter, yet it comes. There’s
peril in everything we do, even the breathe we take, even in the
smile we smile, since nothing lasts forever.

Perils are good and so is the fear of losing since that makes us cherish and value what we have.

That’s the reason why we must love life and living so much and should be
perennially happy, charged up, lively and smiling, since it
all can end any moment, any day.

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