Sunday, August 11, 2013

When I met Mother Teresa and Madam Matahari

The other day while wading through Kalahari
I met Mother Teresa and Madam Mata Hari
One sweet lady and the other deadly

I asked 'Hello girls, how do you do?'
Mother said, 'Bless you son'
Madam said 'I better kill you'

I love them both so couldn't say no
Mother embraced me within her glow
Madam put an arrow to her bow

Being a warrior of peace
I told Mother to walk with the breeze
And to oil her bow I gave Madam some grease

So Mother ambled spreading love and joy
I tumbled behind like a lost boy
Madam would have nothing of this decoy

Following one and pursued by another
Two beautiful ladies asunder
I wished being a better runner

And then my dream ended
Upon this earth I again landed
Bruised and a bit jaded

Two beautiful women with hearts of gold
Kind Mother and Madam bold
My soul to them both sold

The above utterly ridiculous lines are a no-holds-barred impromptu take on two very dear friends, I have recently met. I respect, admire and love them both and for some reasons do believe them to be the above reincarnations.

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  1. RIL.. your poetic jargons are even more hilarious then yourself! muuaannnhhhh... and now you very well know what my next statement or rather question is! LOL...