Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why do I Climb Why do I Love

Almost akin to the question that every lover dreads being asked ‘why do you love me?’ is the question, ‘why do you climb?’

Just like the lover who fumbles for the right answer, not wanting to hurt the feelings of the beloved and at the same time feeling totally inadequate to offer an answer that would match his / her joy of being in love; I too face the dilemma.

When in love, you know how you feel, and you can describe that quite lucidly but why do you feel like that; why does the object of your affection create such amazing euphoria at their mere thoughts and images, and their physical proximity driving you to the insane brink of existence; why, the eternal WHY...?

The ‘WHY’ has no answer, no right or wrong one certainly. We can debate over this endless like it has been done since the advent of human intelligence when we first realized that the law of attraction is not merely for the sake of reproduction but there’s much more to it than meets the eye on surface. You know how you feel when your lover is far or you haven’t met for a long time or you didn’t hear the magical words, or how your heart starts beating the moment you start anticipating a meeting, or how you fumble and brush your hair and clothes in order to be more presentable; whereas the other person couldn’t care less about your clothes or coiffure since to him you are already more than perfect. When you are with your lover, try to think of ‘WHY’ and you will realize how difficult it is to find the ‘WHY’. So instead of asking, ‘Why do you love me?’ or ‘Why do I love him / her?’ we should perhaps ask, ‘How do you feel being in love with me?’ or ‘How do I feel being in love with him / her?’ and the answers would be more forthcoming, more honest and more tangible.

Just like that, I do not really know why I climb but I can certainly word how I feel when I climb. And here the similarities between love and climbing begins to merge since now we are not asking ‘Why’ but describing the feeling of the process and I realize it is the same for me, since I love climbing as much as I climb what I love.

Both in love and climbing I feel being just me, my true self

Both in love and climbing I feel the sense of infinity, boundless and completely free

Both in love and climbing I accept the highs and the lows equally since I know that one cannot exist without the other

Both in love and climbing I look forward to bad weather since it is always good training

Both in love and climbing reaching the summit is never the objective, it is the climb and the process that transforms me; and the journey that is more important

Both in love and climbing, no matter how high or where I reach, but it is always my summit from wherever I go down

Both in love and climbing, each step up or down is necessary and equally significant. No step is bigger or more important than the other

Both in love and climbing I prefer to be simple and minimalistic using only the barest minimum tools needed for the journey

Both in love and climbing, I know that the summit is not the end of the road and I must keep climbing

Both in love and climbing I don’t plan since such sublime things cannot be planned or dictated or controlled by human, I just leave it to the mountains to guide me as they find me suitable

Both in love and climbing I like to push and redefine my boundaries since only by doing that can I evolve and develop and transform from who I was, who I am and who I want to be

Both in love and climbing I feel humbled and truly blessed since I a mere mortal would have never thought to be thus exalted

Both in love and climbing I feel I was born to climb as I was born to love since climbing just like love is a metaphor of life and everything within and without

And yes, if you are still wondering about the ‘WHY’ then the only answer I can offer would be –


Love is the climb of my life and climbing is the Love of my life, both endless pursuits that set me free and let's me be ME 

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  1. As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was to begin and it did and I love you because of the same reason you love to climb! Stay safe, my friend.
    May Shiva always be with you. xxooxx