Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Summing Up 2014

Lago Torre, Patagonia Argentina
This time around while summing up the year 2014 that just whizzed by I am completely determined to avoid intricate statistics lest it leads to three mainstream reactions among my readers (like it usually does) – one of admiration (I like this one, especially when I get those delicious mails from delicious women); one of envy; and one of utter disbelief (many believe all these travels and climbs of mine are pure fiction and products of my over productive imagination).

Suffice it to say that I did not travel much in 2014, barely 10 countries in four continents and crossed the Atlantic only four times and kissed the Pacific shores twice. Climbed very moderately and only till around 7000m. Visited only two places that are rarely visited by human.

Air miles covered must be in the region of 100,000 if not more but then this is merely an average human being I suppose. Despite all precautions taken, the year ended with a black tipped nose due to carelessness on my part and a very cold storm in the mountain’s part.

The highlight of the year as always were the wonderful new friends (read women) I made and the old ones I connected with and rejuvenated from the point where we had earlier parted.

My writings suffered obviously as ideas and stories kept cramming my empty head but I simply found no time or means of putting them down in black and white. I wonder how soon I should call my vagabond life to a much needed pause and get down to writing.

Literal high of the year being the summit of Aconcagua in Argentina and the literal low of the year being the shores of Baku in Azerbaijan.

Some mega budget proposals came my way though none of them materialized due to various reasons; either I wasn’t available or the proposal didn’t pass my ethical standards or the proposer thought I was too cocky for my boots. Sometimes I do quote an astronomical figure when I don’t want to do something yet don’t want to say ‘no’.

The saving grace though were a series of 50 short articles I wrote for India’s prime online travel portal; each measuring 600 – 800 words outlaying some of my travels and climbs and also tips for adventure travel.

Nothing more to add and nothing less to subtract and I hope I achieved my mission of keeping it short sharp and snappy. Wishing you all an exciting 2015 full of dreams and drama, adventure and adrenalin (mine surely is).

And to all my friends: keep rolling for rolling stones gather no moss and they remain fresh and shiny, while to all my enemies: go climb a mountain.   

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  1. Here is some more admiration your way... :) Always exciting to read what's cooking with you.