Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pottering Paris in a Day

A reliable source claims that around 30 – 34 million visitors annually litter the streets and edifices of Paris of which around 22 million do so only in and around the top 6 sights. This could be true or entirely false and I had no desire to prove either when I started to plan something totally alien (to me) and seemingly non-achievable: to see the major sights of Paris in a day using only the rail network of this city within minimum possible expenditure. This was an audacious enterprise hence needed some sort of a plan. To begin with I needed a day in Paris. I have been through Paris on numerous occasions before, mainly using it as a gateway to the French Alps. Just like any other manmade and populated places Paris holds no charm for me, even then during my earlier visits I had once taken the lift to the top of that tower and had also gazed at that mysterious lady, who may not be a lady at all if we are to believe the painter’s arch rivals, within that museum which supposedly is world’s biggest repository of art.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Summing Up 2011

It’s said that if you can’t say something briefly while retaining its purport and significance to your audience then either you have nothing to say or it isn’t worth saying; either way it would be better to maintain silence and lead your audience to believe in your wisdom; why open your mouth and confirm their suspicions – that you indeed are a fool. Among my friends, fans and followers the opinion is divided in equal measure: I speak too much and I don’t speak at all, and they are united in their opinion that I am indeed the only self-proclaimed foolproof guru who is capable of fooling everyone all the time. I take this as a compliment so I either speak or stay mute depending upon the conditions of my vocal chords and never have any consideration for  my audience; what about their choice, do they want to hear me utter my wisecracks or not but I will deliver nevertheless. It’s like on a hot day you may prefer to stay indoors and not expose yourself to the sun burning in the sky, but the sun still shines heedless. It doesn’t bother whether he is desired or not, it shines since that is its nature… so I follow. Now enough rambling, which actually has no purpose at all except to add a bit of my fusion into the cauldron of world confusion. I am absolutely certain that not even a rat gives a damn or s… about what I have done or not done during the year gone by, but so what, I want to record it for my sake. You may or may not choose to read it but if your mood is dropping faster than the stock market and if you have either rolled off your bed on the wrong side or had a war with your significant other and right now just tearing your hair or scratching your bald head or vowing never to visit a beauty parlor ever again then this post will give you enough reason to laugh and forget the rest of the world till you have reached the end. After all I am a quack and I offer only fleeing solutions and not forever ones. So here goes…