Friday, February 13, 2015

In Love I Believe

I do everything for love since I exist because of love and I will die one day for love

My obituary should read: on the journey of love he kept on climbing

There is no love without freedom and no freedom without love

I am happy to live as I am happy to die since I love death as I love life

No point in living if I do not live for love

I cannot make someone love me nor how nor when nor why she chooses that love to be. I can only love fully with my mind body and soul and hope that she will recognise it even if she cannot reciprocate in equal measure or manner

Love is the only action that need not have a reaction. Love is complete in itself.

I'm grateful that I discovered love because she passed by and does it matter if she never noticed me bloom within that love!

I can only make myself worthy of love and wait till someone recognises that

It is possible to discover love in one but find it in another. Discovery of love is not always finding love

It is not possible to love truly without living truly

Love just like happiness is an act of choice and not of compulsion

Not all love will be reciprocated but those that will be are worth waiting for

I can love more than one with equal intensity at the same time since the way I love will be as different as they are 

In Life I Believe

I believe only in two things or rather experiences since they both essentially are just that, and everything else evolve out of them: I believe in being alive and being in love; and today on Friday the 13th, 2015 I would like to share few beliefs about my two experiences. Here is the first one: - 

I am and will always be the luckiest person in the world

Miracles happen all around me every moment

There is no one in the world who hates me or dislikes me or bears any ill towards me

Everyone I have met or meet or will be meeting were, are and will be friends. No one is or will ever be a stranger to me

I can only live in and for the moment; past is irrevocably gone serving only as meaningful lessons and the future is nothing but another name for hope

Life is what it is, and only I can find a purpose or make it meaningful; though sometimes it is best to be purposeless and meaningless; like a sail boat without sails amidst a tempest sea

No matter where I am, I am always home

True freedom can only be derived if I am not rooted to a place, person or object

Fewer options lead to simpler life

Money by itself has no intrinsic value; it is either a piece of paper or a piece of metal, it’s what you do with it; and so is life, it has not intrinsic value what matters is what you do with it

That there is no paradise more bountiful than a loving heart and no hell more tormenting than a hating heart

That we all should endeavour to dissolve the boundaries within our heart, mind and soul and only then can we survive and exist as a race

Purpose of destination is to initiate the journey. It’s not about arriving but the desire to reach

Every day is the last day of my life and also the first day for the rest of my life.

Every morning gives me one more opportunity to do something exciting and worthwhile with my life

There are no problems in my life, only situations that need to be faced and when I die there won't be any situations either
Sharing my time truly with someone is the most precious gift I can offer

That I always speak, act and express from the heart, saying exactly what I mean and meaning exactly what I say

That every person in this world is amazing and has an amazing story waiting to be heard and all I must do is to listen

Only I can say if I truly lived because only I can justify my life

I'm on an endless journey upon a mountain the summit of which I would never reach