Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Short Bio of an adrenaline junkie

Hi, I am a globe trotting thrill seeker. I specialize in vertical traveling. I prefer going to places that have mountains, higher the better and attempt to climb the highest spot of any place I visit. This strange quest has taken me to the summit of some of the highest peaks in the seven continents and more than 100 countries. Since I am not Superman, I travel over land, sea and through air using any means of transportation known and unknown to civilized man. If nothing else, my legs carry me across peaks and passes through some of the remotest and least known points on Earth. In my early forties, I have been global-gallivanting for three decades now and I am only now beginning to discover how vast, how amazing and how beautiful our world is. My travels across boundaries have shown me that it is indeed one planet and we all should ideally be one big happy family. I want to reach out to all the happy and go-lucky people out there, either active travelers or armchair enthusiasts, who share a common dream of dissolving boundaries of land and within. I would tell you my tales, hair raising and implausible as they are, while inviting others to tell tales of their own. This is my exordial attempt at blogging and pardon my hiccups that are sure to happen sooner or later. A word of caution though, before we begin, everything that I post in my blog are true as for place and characters, though some of the names might be fictitious for the sake of anonymity and nothing is coincidental or contrived.


  1. Hi, am a globe trotting reader :-) and am looking forward to going through your blog and reaching peaks and summits that my legs can never carry me too!
    Its going to be a stimulating and inspiring journey... thanks.

  2. My adrenaline junkie, my journey starts once more, the only difference being you are totally with me this time and i am loving it! xxoooxxx