Monday, May 4, 2009

No Sense is Nonsense

There was a Gnu
In a zoo
Who had flue
And he was so sick
He could no more pick
The nuts people threw

I went to a shop
To buy some crop
But there was none
So I came back
With a brown sack
Full of bun

My pet bear
Was such a dear
That he would not
Without a cot
Go to sleep
Like a perfect creep

If in the sky
The birds do fly
Then they must have flew
In the skew
And will be flying
In the skying

Mr Moo of Mozambik
Was a bit eccentric
He would have
One dozen crab
For his lunch
Which he would munch
And then complain
They taste like toothpick


  1. LOL, your nonsense is pure fun.... hugs!

  2. Mr S is full of nonsense
    Refusing to use his commonsense
    But then he is also the cutest
    And the craziest
    And i love him the mostest!