Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today is the 30th day of April 2010 and you all know it but many of you wouldn't know that today I finally leave the Indian Navy after 22 yrs of service to the nation. What has that got to do with the title of this post – plenty. The title pretty much sums up my own life in one word.

There are always at least two ways of looking at anything and everything. Entire nature and universe and we are formed out of duality, of opposites, of things seemingly different, so we have the day and the night, we have men and women, we have water and fire and then we have the possible or the impossible. But the key literally is in the world impossible.

When as a child I looked at an impossible task for the first time, I viewed it not as impossible but broke it down to: I M Possible, and within this simple coinage and play of letters I found the fundamental mantra of my life. Everything became possible for me. Much like my idea of becoming a submariner one day aka Captain Nemo of the Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea fame and that is what finally led me to the Indian Navy. Frozen heights and ocean depths became my home. Uncharted terrains, unexplored vistas became my horizons and all since for me impossible has always been I M Possible.

Forget about doing the possible. Possible is not exciting or challenging enough.

Look for the impossible and be I M Possible.


  1. Well done young man!.

    I enjoy your blogs.

    God bless.

  2. The perfume of a rose, the sound of the waves: these things cannot be improved - they are perfectly complete. So are you Mr I M Possible.

    C U on the top sometime somewhere someplace...

  3. Congratulations. And have a superb life ahead.

  4. Wish you very exciting & adrenalin pumping post Navy life. Hope to C U on many more & higher Tops. Ciao.

  5. Good luck with your life outside the Navy. Your stories are just amazing and I hope it become much more interesting from now!