Thursday, May 5, 2011

Girl on the Beach

I am writing a poetry post after a long time. All of us love the sea and pine to walk on golden sands, holding hands with the one we love. This poem is dedicated to each one of you but especially to the one for whom it is written. She isn't here so don't ask who she is but she is everywhere, the universal symbol of care and companionship. Enjoy and do look for your girl / boy on the beach. She or he is certainly there and there indeed is a beach where you can walk for eternity and never come to the end, where sun sparkles and spreads joy into golden twilights, where you would find the voice of your soul and a place to lie and gaze up at the stars alongside the one who is your destiny.

Who’s that girl upon the beach!
Ambling quietly in her bikini peach
She laughs and smiles into the sea
To someone who’s there only for her to see

She walks and watches the birds in flight
Holding hands with her boy delight
She runs away from the crowd and bustle
To her boy who makes her castle

She pulls him into the deep blue
And holds him to her body like glue
They dance upon the riding wave
Its love they both crave

She calls out softly his name
And pulls him down for a lover’s game
They lay like that entwined all day
A couple hot and exceedingly gay

Then they play with the shells in hand
The boy tells her stories of distant land
When the day wanes and the sun goes down
They walk away into the glorious brown

At night they lie on back and try
To count all stars upon the sky
The girl giggles and can’t stop kissing
The boy then begins his teasing

Even when the world has gone asleep
The boy lays the girl on his lap for keep
And tells her of the stars and moon
Till she gets to the edge of swoon

The girl coos, ‘I am all yours as you are all mine’
The boy grins, ‘Then let’s go in and grab some wine’

It’s not wine that I am thirsting for
It’s your loving I need some more
You are my heart and my soul
You are my path and my goal

Please stay with me forever
Beyond eternity and ever and ever
Never leave me and go away
I will die if far you stay

I want you in every life of mine
Without you my sun doesn’t shine
How do I tell you what you mean to me!
You are my fate and my destiny

Her eyes shimmer full of care
He kisses them real tender
He speaks softly in her ear
Listen to me now my dear

How can I leave you and elsewhere be
When you are the reason and my need to be
You are the air that keeps me alive
For you I will always strive

My heart melts when you smile at me
My sun sinks when you I don’t see
You are the half of my soul
Without you I have no role

I promise with you will I stay
And return to you each day
My love each moment for you will grow
Never would it get old or mellow

You will always remain the girl of my dreams
I have known you in the past lives it seems
In the present we belong together
And in the future forever hereinafter

Thus joined in love’s grace
They sleep away in loving embrace
Their lives are complete now
And their life has only begun and how!