Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dead or Alive

Someone is certainly dead in this picture :) 

To many of my friends around the world, I am perhaps dead today; and they would either be mourning or smiling in glee (I hope the latter). Not that I mind, since death is always by my side (as with any mortal human) and it’s good to be dead while you are still alive since then you learn how others perceive you and how deeply are you loved or hated. But then some of you may ask why my friends would presume me dead on this particular day, on this particular date! The answer is simple.

When I was asked before the advent of the net, how one would know if I am still alive or dead, I simply had no definite answer. Spending most of life in places that are out of communication coverage (underwater or high above into the clouds or deep jungles) how on earth would anyone ever know, since I myself wouldn’t know. But then came the net and suddenly things changed and then I started my blog and things changed even more.

Ever since I started my blog and it went on to rise in popularity, stupidity and hilarity I figured out that no matter where I am, what I am up to (as long as I am still on this planet) I would be able to get online at least once in three months if not more and what better way to let people know that I am still alive than to put in a tiny post of memorabilia during that period. So my stock answer then became, ‘if you don’t see a post from me for three months, then for sure I am dead.’ And that’s what happened today. Since my last post was on 10th August 2012 and it is now exactly one day more than three months that I am putting in this post.

Why the lapse, you may wonder! Pure laziness and some adrenalin pumping adventures along with mindless travels I must confess. But then what should be unveiled in my ‘resurrection’ post? If I am to be resurrected that is; much to the chagrin of some people I am sure. But then what can one do if Lord almighty is still keeping his doors shut for me; no matter how hard and loud and repeatedly I knock. So to better prepare all of you and me for that day when that door will be flung open on my face; here’s my obituary, as I would want it to be… and while you read it, even as your face splits into broad grin, please read it with equal seriousness with which it was penned, after all death is a serious business, especially when it is mine.

Satya Now Sees All of Us from the TOP (heading)

         An apology of an obituary for a boy who never found his brain

Wonder Wander Blunder
Mountains and thunder
Into clouds and ocean under
Pun and laughter
May his soul now rest in pieces  
For his soul always runs asunder


  1. i am glad to see you alive and trually appreciate and admire your attitude towards the biggest reality of best wishes and regards for life full of adventure.

  2. You are a laugh, writing your own obituary!:-) Will pray you live longer then I do for sure :) and cheers to the boy who might not have found his brain but for sure found his heart xxooxx

  3. lots of hugs...before you die ;)