Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Treat Human like animals

I have been engaged in an experiment for the last one year, since I had nothing better to do, in order to find something that we see each day almost everywhere in the world. Finally I have enough evidence and statistics and demographic distribution to release the results of my finding.

For long we have been told that we must treat animals like human, with love, kindness, without bias and give them the kind of empathy we would bestow upon a fellow human. And my experiment was to find out if that is the correct way or should we be treating our fellow human as we treat animals. So as I went around the globe charting my vertical world, I asked few straightforward questions to all that crossed my path, both friends and strangers.

I asked, ‘do you love animals?’ the universal answer was always affirmative; barring a few who said they love all animals except the venomous and slimy slithery ones but they had no desire to harm them or molest them in anyway whatsoever and they simply preferred to stay out of their way. In effect they did not love such animals but neither were they malicious or wished them any ill.

I asked, ‘do you love dogs?’ again the universal answer was always affirmative. I followed this with, ‘which colour?’ and they said, ‘any colour’ and I asked, ‘what shape or size’ and they said, ‘any size, any shape’ and I asked ‘what will you do if you find an abandoned, starving, ill dog or a bird’ and the answer almost always was ‘will take care of it, give it food, water’ and I asked ‘what about the animal’s country of origin, will you love an animal more if it is from your country’ and they said, ‘animals do not have citizenship or nationalities, they are same everywhere’ and then I asked ‘when you feed a dog or take one home or gave one medication and love, whom you had never seen before, will you first ask the dog or the bird or the animal what its religion is or preferences or a photo id’ and they said, ‘what nonsense, animals don’t have religion and even if they did, we don’t bother’.

I went around and found countless animal lovers, countless animal loving organizations like PETA, countless organizations working against animal poaching, countless people advocating for animal rights, all the world outrage against nations that allow animal cruelty, people are turning vegetarian, dogs are being fed on the street, strange dogs are being brought home, unknown birds are being fed with water in summer heat, in short we human are treating animals (known and strange ones) with kindness and curiosity, with empathy and love and with our acts we prove each day that we truly care about animal welfare.

I know many households where the husband’s simple wish ‘wish I was the house dog’ proves that certainly the house dog is getting more love and care and tenderness than the man of the house. Vice versa is true too, where the wife wishes she was the dog.

I think I made my point that when we can treat animals with universal love and empathy, when we do not discriminate dogs by their colour or size or nationality, when we unite to protect animals from acts of cruelty why can’t we extend the same courtesy and decency to our fellow human beings! Why do we shun a hungry, strange looking, ragged human on the street and hug and feed a dog with similar outward appearance. Why do we judge a human by colour, nationality, religion when we don’t judge animals in such a manner!

I think it is time that we start treating our fellow human beings like we treat animals. Of course humans have many vices that animals do not and I can totally understand why that would deter us from treating humans as we treat animals. I rest my case. 


  1. truly in sync with you, my friend! no judgments, no bias, no hatred for any fellow human being, just simple acceptance and smiles is what we need. hugs always.

  2. Believe it very much about what u have written but alas humans don't respond to love the same way.......unconditionally.

  3. It is so wonderful that someone is writing about this! Years ago, when people were driving my mom crazy, I suggested that she try looking at them as if they were animals. She later said that it helped. Thank you for sharing!