Thursday, December 31, 2015

Summing Up 2015

2015 was an exceptional year for several reasons; never before did I usher in a year doing tango in Buenos Aires at one of the most extravagant Tango shows in the world; which I precisely did on the midnight suspended into that twilight zone between 2014 and 15. How or why did I find myself in such resplendent and uncharacteristic surroundings are a tale best told elsewhere but for now let’s zoom into the stats.

Countries visited – 12 spread across four continents
Countries visited for the first time – 3 (Guatemala, Honduras, Macedonia) taking now my countries tally to 168
Southernmost point visited – Ushuaia in Argentina
Northernmost point visited – high Tatras Slovakia
Climbed the highest peaks of Central America

After a very long time, an entire year went by without climbing above 7000m, which was duly compensated by several high points of different countries and tons of winter climbing across lesser ranges of Europe.

This was a relatively sane and accident free year for me as I opted to explore the vertical world below death zone. Which is not to say that it wasn’t equally exciting or rewarding. Nearest to death experience was a ridiculously erupting hot volcano spewing ashes and rocks up in the air, while I was using the crater rim as an impromptu sauna.

Once again numerous strangers became friends and I found love as always everywhere sharing my life with many beautiful souls, and finding a reflection of my own crazy self. It was a beautiful rejuvenating year that I managed to survive without breaking any bones or hearts (so I presume) and now look forward to the next year with equal hope, zeal and eyes wide shut.

With a blind faith that my today is better than yesterday and tomorrow would be better than today, I continue to live in today since today is the only day I can do something with the gift of life. Therefore I believe that 2016 would be better than 2015, more exciting, more fun, more full of love and everything wonderful.

A major landmark, I completed the manuscript of my first motivational book based upon my own climbing stories. Would start sending it to publishers / book agents soon. Started two books simultaneously. 

Today, on the final day of 2015, I am at my mother's place near Delhi, at almost sea-level, counting my blessings and bounties and feeling extremely privileged and blessed and loved. 

Wishing you all an awesome New Year ahead, stay energized, stay positive and opt for happiness without reason and love without limitations. Live and love without fear. 

Set yourself free since only you can.

As always I will see you on top!

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