Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Not Life

There’s no smile
Without tear
No courage
Without fear

There’s no darkness
Without light
No mirth
Without plight

There’s no now
Without a was
No would be
Without a pause

There’s no god
Without belief
No religion
Without relief

There’s no love
Without pain
No thoughts
Without brain

There’s no rose
Without thorn
No morsel
Without its corn

There’s no mountain
Without snow
No dark nights
Without its glow

There’s no advance
Without retreat
No victory
Without defeat

There’s no death
Without life
No peace
Without strife

There’s no one strong
Without being weak
No one’s bold
Without being meek

There’s no you
There’s no me
It’s not life
If it’s not we


  1. Beautiful words S, loved the way it ends too ;-)