Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reaching South Pole

The true bottom of the world is a difficult place to reach but nothing stops you from reaching out to the 200 odd people who reside there during the summers. Right where all the meridians collide and unite at the southern tip of earth's spin axis it is a mini-township of people comprising mostly of scientists, doctors, researchers, household staff, technical people, engineers, adventurers and those who are absolutely mad-cap. They are a jolly sort and they love to provide cheer and warmth to all that visit the South Pole and they all reside within a space-lab kind structure standing on telescopic steel legs that is called 'Amundsen-Scott' Base and it belongs to the US. Though you would find the inhabitants representing many different race, culture, language, color, ethnicity and palate. It is a symbol of humanity too since out there they work towards the world as one and not as individuals. They love to recieve gifts and letters, especially during the warm months of Christmas and New Year. So please reach out to them, send them gifts and messages and tell them that one day you would visit them for sure. They will like it. And to do this you need to post your stuff meant for the South Pole residents to:

The Station Manager
South Pole Station
PSC 468 Box 400
APO AP 96598 - 5400

I have no idea how it will reach there, but it will for certain. Now don't you all wish that you could have bundled your ownself or your enemies (as the case may be) inside the parcel or envelop and mailed it to the place where everyone walks upside down and are constantly falling off the face of Earth. Good luck my friends, I am now headed just there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy Easter and whatever.


  1. What? Again?? How long???
    Best of Luck, buddy. Godspeed...

  2. Happy Easter, yes but why X'mas from now? Know how stupid of me to ask you this, satya. LOL. Am sure you want to be bundled into a parcel to the south pole too. :-D