Friday, April 29, 2011

View from the top – 2nd Anniversary

Today my blogging avatar completes two years of virtual existence. Thanks to my friends, readers, followers and fans who continue to encourage me and visit me from all over the world and drop their comments too, the journey to my second anniversary, even though I wrote far less number of posts, seemed much quicker than the first. Today is the time to sum up and to once again go down the memory lane and to see a sneak rear-view of the year just gone by. But I will keep everything brief, mild and spice-less lest some of you might point at my vanity.

Compared to 103 posts during my first year, in the second year I managed only 48 posts (present one included) and this could either be due to extensive travelling and climbing that I did in this duration or could be due to my lazy nature, as some of you might offer. A trek and solo climb of a Himalayan giant during Aug – Sep followed by a serious one during Sep – Oct succeeded by a long stint in Kenya (Nov – Feb 2011) kept me on my toes. Many of my posts during this time revolved around Kenya and what I did there.

Google rank rose from 4 to 5, which still doesn’t tell me what it really says or means. 6426 visitors from 118 countries left their footprints on my blog. Followers went up to 91

, though it should have been more since few followers deleted their follow-ship for reasons I am not aware of and prefer not to dwell upon. Now let’s see when or who becomes my century follower. A special treat for that person in kind is a promise I am making publicly. As you know I have loads of mountaineering goodies to give away. The blog is now featured at Paris based travel portal favourite blog for second year continuously. For some reason, it also got adjudged as one of the best of Indian blogosphere award for 2010. I had hoped they would give me my first million, but they didn’t, which isn’t a bad thing since what would I do with a million!

Well, it had been a year of ups and downs but my blog always saw you all at the top. Thanks a million for cherishing what I pen and making it totally worth all the efforts. I am right now compiling my first book of climbing-adventure-travel stories from around the world. So if any of you know any good publishers / editors, please let me know. God bless and god speed.

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  1. Keep writing and make us dream, like you always do, for in our dreams lie our realities.
    All the best always.