Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Mountains Taught me about Love

Whatever I learnt in life the mountains taught me how; so is about love. The following lessons of love I learnt are invaluable and I have tried to apply them in matters of heart. How far have I succeeded can only be confirmed by the women I have had the privilege of being loved. I have used the word mountain as a synonym to love. Read on and apply, and let love happen.  

Mountains are much farther than they appear to the eye. Be patient, keep going and you will reach

A mountain can be viewed in totality only from far. Sometimes distance is necessary

There is no pot of gold on the top of a mountain but the climb is full of priceless treasures, cherish and enjoy the climb

A mountain no matter how big or small can only be climbed one step at a time. You must begin your climb from ground with one step, only then would you understand what your second step should be and the next one and the next thereafter. Each step will define and create your next step

A climb doesn’t conclude at the top of the mountain. Keep climbing even after you reach the summit.

You cannot stay on a mountain top forever

From the summit of a mountain we can see how many more mountains are out there waiting to be climbed

A mountain looks and behaves differently from different directions, and has innumerable routes to the top. Even if you wish to climb just one mountain in your life it will never get boring or monotonous if you climb from different routes or in different seasons. Challenge yourself with novelty and create an exciting climb each time

The mountain decides who will reach the top; the climber can only keep climbing

Reaching the bottom of the mountain is the greatest of the challenge, from there it gets easier

A mountain cannot be conquered even if you summit it a thousand times, all you can do is to climb and hope to conquer your own weaknesses

Mountains have all the answers; you should know which questions to ask and how to listen to the answers

A mountain is neither good nor bad, it is what it is; what makes it good or bad is how we climb, what our expectations are and where we reach our personal summit

We cannot climb a mountain without leaving the safety of ground

We climb mountains not to die but to live though at times the climb will kill you

No matter how much you plan, how well you know the mountain or how experienced and trained climber you are; there will always be things outside of your control. Let go, and go with the flow, enjoy the climb

Instead of competing with the mountain become the mountain and feel the ultimate bliss

A mountain can never be possessed, it can only be cherished and enjoyed and treasured within our heart

You cannot climb a mountain without climbing the mountain within your heart

It’s worth attempting to climb a mountain no matter if you never reach the top rather than be scared and never attempt at all. The attempt is important since it begins a journey of self discovery and ultimately reaching one’s own summit

Bad weather upon a mountain doesn’t last forever. Stick around and it will clear up soon for you to resume climbing

Higher you climb a mountain more difficult it gets to breathe, slow down and breathe and surrender to the beauty around

Climbing mountain is not a competition or a race; it is a voyage of realization and self-actualization

When you love the mountain how are you sure that the mountain loves you back! Seeking such confirmation is not necessary since loving a mountain is complete in itself and doesn’t need an affirmation or reaction

A mountain treats us the way we treat the mountain. Be kind be gentle but also resolute and reckless sometimes and never ever give up

The mountain will always be there, so keep returning again and again if you did not summit the first time

Many will love the mountain that you love and it will never be yours entirely though it is yours to climb

No matter how dangerous or difficult the mountain may appear, there's always a route to the top. But you will never discover that route from far

You may leave the mountain but the mountain will never leave you

There are many more love-lessons mountains taught me but for the time being these would suffice I hope. I love the way I climb mountains and climb the way I love. Since to me both loving and climbing are synonymous and symbiotic. I couldn’t do or be without either.

Note – this post is dedicated to all the mountains I climbed and all the women I loved, wherever they may be or however they loved me. Love without seeking reciprocation or confirmation is like a flower that blooms to share the fragrance; it only knows what and how to give. Whether someone received it or acknowledged is of little consequence.  

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  1. When these pieces of writing are read more than twice or thrice the search for mountain and search to reach at its bottom can be felt. But this is really difficult for an ordinary man to conquer the weaknesses but for a traveller. Who might have conquered it not because it was obvious for a climb but he had no way back.