Monday, July 20, 2009

Himalayan Road Signs

Thousands of kilometers of road crisscross the Indian Himalaya taking people across remote and high passes, valleys and rivers. Majority of these roads are built by Border Roads Organization. Since all these roads are really dangerous to drive upon, BRO's prime concern is about the safety of those who drive on these roads. Over the years, BRO came up with road signs at vantage points along the way, to keep the driver wary and careful. I have no idea who in BRO came up with these road signs but they are scattered through the length and breadth of the Himalaya. Following are some of the interesting ones that I have come across during my Himalayan travels.

Be gentle on my curves

If you are married, divorce speed. If you are not, think of your future wife

Peep, peep, don't sleep

If I could, I would have been wider

Don't be a Gama (a legendary strongman) in the land of lama

This is a highway, not a runway

Curves are blind and sharp drive your vehicle like playing a harp

After drinking whiskey driving is risky

Safety on road is safe tea at home

Drive, don't fly

If you sleep your family will weep

Drive slower live longer

Enemies of the road; liquor, speed and load

Mountains are a pleasure only if you drive with leisure

Short cut may cut short your life

Drive on horsepower not on rum power

Mind your brakes or break your mind

No race no rally enjoy the beauty of the valley

Never depend on the other fellow he may be depending upon you


  1. Thought i'll add a couple more .. ofcourse not from the himalayas .. but were quite interesting..

    "Do not drive to Hell" , "Know Safety no injury, No safety know injury"

    :-) Karthik.

  2. Just come back from Kashmir. My favourite sign was -

    "Don't gossip, let him drive"

  3. Just come back from Ladakh and wrote on my diary all the ones i saw. My favorite is also "Don't gossip, let him drive"!
    Véronique from France.

  4. :-) cute and some are pretty apt too. my fav is be gentle on my curves LOL