Tuesday, July 28, 2009


An old saying goes that you can take the man out of the mountain but not the mountain out of the man. Mountains or for that matter any spectacle of nature, alters and transforms man indelibly. For those of us who go to the mountains repeatedly there is an inescapable charm and allure to those lofty summits that is hard to explain but easy to grasp. They transform us from what we are, from what we do to what we aspire to be. Trust me, it does, you do change and touched by the majestic peaks once you would never be the same again. Something deep within, far from prying eyes, would alter forever. Though this transformation is purely a personal experience unseen and unheard by anyone else, it is easy to see how the mountains transform you from the outside. It is visually appealing and repulsive too at times. Posted are few pictures of mine that show exactly this. The outward transformation of self when one has just touched heaven and returned to earth. They speak for themselves and I will not dwell any more, save one rejoinder that I am aware that these pictures may actually result in lowering my women readership; which I am willing to risk for truth needs to be told. Everything has its prize. And of course, if they propel any skin care multi-billion dollar company to approach me to test their products and be their brand ambassador then I am open to the deal as well. After all, I live risking my life every moment, what more harm can come if I have to splash some lotions on myself and go for that invisible summit I had been eyeing for a while. Happy gazing, climbing and transformations of within and without!


  1. I agree. I am not a mountaineer but aspiring to be one. My first tryst with the himalayas was a disaster. Had a full blown case of HAPE at an altitude of 14000ft. (on a light trek, the first one for me). I thought I was done with the mountains for good.
    I enrolled the next year without a second thought for one more expedition and aborted at an early stage as my AMS didnt subside.
    I followed it up next year with one more expedition which was destroyed by bad weather.
    Now planning a course in basic mountaineering ... gathering info, planning for leaves and fitness. It does transform .. I clearly get what u say. There is an irresistible charm, some sense of belonging when u stand in front of those behemoths even though they almost killed me once.

  2. What you are is because of your mountains and so in many ways S and M are synonymous with each other so as long as S is around M will always be a part of his life totally... cheers!