Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am fascinated by nature, every facet, every nuances. Astral bodies fascinate me in particular. Never have I missed a chance to gaze at the rising and setting of the sun or moon, or charting the course of our milky way. Countless sunrises and sets later, I am still as fascinated and awestruck as ever. This is a short post, again for reasons unknown, just to share some of my most beautiful shots of the Sun from very high up... a world where I belong. Being nearer to the sun, it simply looks more enchanting. At least once in every man's lifetime, one should go up above the terra firma and gaze at the heavenly bodies. And remember always, that when the sun sets for one, for another it is rising. Enjoy the view.


  1. Nice stuff Satya. Sorry I have been on the road and slow on emails. We must sync up for the andamans trip.

  2. WOW, S!!!!!! hope to enjoy such views one day too....

  3. these are truly breathtaking S. speechless baby... xxoooxxx